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Win-Win Cooperation

Author:Little Goat
Date:2017/08/21/ 00:08
Hello, Monday!
It is a brand-new beginning of a week.We are probably running towards the goal or we just wander around confusedly without any direction. There will be different kinds of theme weekly with a smile welcome in the morning. Theme of this week is "win-win cooperation." (Related reading can view YXC Yang Yang official website "Yang Xing technology" one hundred percent duty to play "In House")


For the "win-win thinking" surely we all have our own ideas. In the next 5 days, Yangxing's family members will also make their own opinions and share their thoughts at the morning meeting. What about you? Welcome to have you on the sofa ~

Win-win thinking is another way of thinking is also called two-way thinking, is empathy, in considering their own interests at the same time empathy allows their partners to ensure maximum benefits, which can be commercially secured partnership. This point with the values of Yang Hing "quality-oriented, service-oriented" coincide, only empathy, the quality and service are done in order to have more customers trust and support.


A western country has provided a large amount of government loans to a project in our country. According to the relevant provisions of the time, once the loan contract came into effect, the loan amount had been fully raised and deposited with the designated bank and should not be diverted for other purposes. Loans should be made on demand. In order to urge the borrower to schedule the completion of the project on schedule, for non-part of the need to pay the commitment fee. As the amount of this loan is very large and the planned payment period is quite long and has been going on for 6 years, the amount of the commitment fee to be paid will be very substantial.

Later, according to our study, the method of calculating the payment of commitment fee was only a traditional one. It was not a matter of principle but could be negotiated with the foreign parties. We propose to divide the loan into six parts on annual basis. According to the project plan, the other party will have allocated funds according to the year. If the quota of each year is not exhausted, the promised fee should be calculated according to the unutilized portion of the current year, and the loan amount for several years will not be counted. After negotiation, both parties considered it beneficial to each other.

For the Chinese side, this not only avoids paying an expensive commitment fee but also allows the actual use of loans to increase; while for foreign parties, the funds will become more economical year by year, and it may also invest the remaining funds in other areas Benefit, thereby helping lenders reduce costs. So the foreign party accepted our request so that we could save millions of dollars. From this we can see that some of the traditional provisions in the negotiations can be adjusted in order to achieve the "win-win" effect.




75% of a person's success factors depend on personal relationships, 25% rely on genius and ability. Good relationships come from good communication, good communication must be based on a win-win situation. For enterprises, people pay more and more attention to the establishment of learning-oriented enterprises, more and more emphasis on teamwork, so a win-win internal communication is the key to success. For individuals, establish a good sense of win-win communication and gradually develop a habit of consciously applying the win-win communication thinking to communicate effectively under any situation of communication so as to achieve a multiplier effect.

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It is a brand-new beginning of a week.We are probably running towards the goal or we just wander around confusedly without any direction. There will be different kinds of theme weekly with a smile welcome in the morning. Theme of this week is "win-win coo
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