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A fun and happy journey!

Author:Little Goat
Date:2017/08/01/ 00:08
Colorful July, it is a good time to travel!
Coincides with the mid-year for the annual convention.
July 8, all members of YXC is to participate in the Nankunshan tour.
The location of this event - Huizhou Nankunshan.
In Nankunshan, Yang Xing technology spent together, full, happy, full of inspiration for two days and one night.
Arrived in Huizhou Nankunshan area, we settled in the base of this activity, hot spring holiday villas.
Flower, surrounded by shade, people relaxed and happy.
Arrived at the base, we non-stop, carried out to expand the game.
The first is the grouping, random number reported split into four groups
After the event, we passed the "Giants Footsteps", "Speed Limit", "relay pouring" three games to obtain cooking ingredients.

【Giant footsteps】 Game items:
Giants footsteps - Members of the team fixed together feet,
go forward together, back together, together U-turn, to complete a variety of instruction activities.

【Limit speed】 game project
Limit Speed - When a player can not speak and make any other sound,
he or she will take the number in the order according to the orders of the host within the stipulated time.

【Water Relay】game project

Water pouring relay - mouth bite paper cup, relay pouring water, the whole can not be assisted by hand.
The game results of this game. According to the results of the competition,
each team will receive the prizes corresponding to the rankings.
Prizes are not expensive, but very useful. Is the next part of this event, culinary competition ingredients.
Cooking Competition
After receiving the corresponding ingredients, the teams continue to work together to perform culinary competitions.
Every director, small exposed hands.

Wash vegetables, cut meat, palm spoon, put the plate to perform its duties, work together.

The process of dinner is the process of cooking competition, but also the process of sharing the fruits of labor.
Share the culinary arts, but also share the experience of the game to expand experience.
Travel, not only through the game to expand the project inspired team,
to enhance team cohesion, of course, physical and mental relaxation is also essential.
After the game is free time.
Spa villa, how can a hot spring? !
Mahjong up!
Happy song to sing!
The next day activities
The next day, activities continue, relax and continue:

All kinds of sports activities.
Sun drying baby.
Stroll the ancient village, food street, play interactive games.
Took some "enchanting" photos. Let go of the constraints of the past, return to the most true self.
In the evening, the company employees ride back to the company.
Two days and a night of joyous journey, although feeling a bit tired, the mood is very carefree. This
The following year organized a group activity, inspired the thinking and learned the way,
and everyone relaxed their body and mind, relieved the pressure brought by work and life and enhanced
The feelings between colleagues. (Related reading can view YXC Yang Xing official website "" feather "you peer, enjoyable")
Hot summer, our passion, up pants pants up!
Colorful summer, we relax, sail forward with Yangxing!

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Colorful July, it is a good time to travel!Coincides with the mid-year for the annual convention.July 8, all members of YXC is to participate in the Nankunshan tour.